The No Bully School Partnership

The No Bully School Partnership is an integrated series of leadership coaching sessions, staff trainings and a parent workshop in how to implement the No Bully System® and sustain a bully-free campus long-term.  The partnership brings your school in to alignment with state and federal anti-bullying mandates and supports Common Core Standards by promoting a learning culture based on cooperation and respect.

Leadership Coaching
Three one-on-one coaching sessions 
The school leadership team is coached though the school year how to unite their school behind a new social vision, integrate the No Bully System in to a written anti-bullying policy and the action steps they need to take to support a bully-free culture long-term.

No Bully Foundational Training
3 hours, all staff
This initial workshop gives all the adults who work in the school and after-school program a common language around student bullying and harassment, and trains participants in first and second level prevention and intervention skills, enabling a unified approach.  

Bully-Proof Your Kid! The No Bully Parent and Guardian Workshop
90 minutes
Parents learn what bullying looks like for the current generation of students and what they can do to prevent their child from becoming either a target or a bully.

Solution Coach® Training
One-day, select teachers and staff
Participants learn how to become their school's Solution Coaches®, able to facilitate Solution Teams® to put a stop to bullying situations, remedy any hostile environment and facilitate change in students who are struck in the role of bully or target.

Advanced Solution Coach® Training
Half-day, select teachers and staff
This three hour training brings together the school’s Solution Coaches to deepen their skills in running Solution Teams, and to learn how to address the marginalization of diverse students that so often underlies more complex incidents of bullying.


Second Year Partnership

Many schools extend their No Bully partnership to a second year to reinforce the long-term sustainability of the No Bully System.

No Bully Conflict Resolution Training
3 hours, all staff
Participants learn how to discriminate between student conflict and bullying and develop the skills to lead students through TALK, a ten-minute protocol that any educator can use to resolve a student peer conflict.

Solution Coach® Trainers
3 days, select staff
No Bully teaches and certifies select members of school and district staff as on-site trainers, able to train and sustain a core group of Solution Coaches® as school personnel come and go.

Partnership Fees

Increasingly schools worldwide are recognizing the need for an effective anti-bullying system to prevent the harm caused to student lives.  Typically schools recover their investment in a No Bully partnership within a year through the retention of students whom they would otherwise have lost because of bullying.  For information on partnership fees, download the Partnership Fees Sheet at the bottom of this page.